Kanarraville Falls

Kanarraville Falls Hike

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Kanarraville Falls was for years one of Utah’s best kept secrets, according to locals. Over the past 15 years, this hike has exploded with interest and caused the town of Kanarraville quite a lot of trouble. You can read more about that here –  Kanarraville Falls: Best Kept Secret Becomes Nightmare. Since moving to Utah, we’ve learned time and time …

40 and thankful

Turning 40 and Feeling So Thankful!

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Thanksgiving isn’t until next week, but since I turned 40 yesterday, I wanted to share this list now of 40 things I’m thankful for this year. This is one of those posts that is more of a diary entry and really just for me to look back on to remember how I was feeling and what I was thinking at …

Zion National Park for the First Time

Visiting Zion National Park for the First Time

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Last week I wrote about the crowds and visitor responsibility at Zion.  If you missed that post, check it out here: Zion National Park- Crowds and Visitor Responsibility While visiting Zion National Park for the first time, I was pleased with the importance Zion places on preservation of the park through educating visitors to be responsible for themselves while enjoying the …

saving money for travel

A Little Peek Into Our Thoughts On Money

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I get this question pretty often.  It’s really not any different than how anyone else has money for certain things.  We just choose to put the majority of our disposable income towards travel. By basically being debt-free and choosing to save for travel, we have a rather large “vacation” budget.  It’s been a combination of calculated decisions that have gotten …

Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover

Wendover : Northwest Utah Road Trip Day 2

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Keith and I planned a road trip to check off some attractions we had been wanting to see. It was the perfect time for a little weekend away since Keith was starting a new job soon. We had already done some much on the first day! If you missed it, check out the previous post: Transcontinental Railroad : Northwest Utah …

Visiting Family in Indiana

Visiting Family in Indiana

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Once Keith and I moved to Utah we decided that we would go home every other summer for an extended trip to visit family and friends.  We would be driving since we haven’t found another way to transport Lexi; we looked into flying, ground transport for her, etc. Google maps shows the drive right at 24 hours.  This doesn’t include …