Basecamp Odor-Barrier Bags

I use the Basecamp Odor-Barrier Bags to line my food and clothing dry bags while backpacking. The odor-proof barrier is essential when traveling through bear-country and also helps to keep other smaller animals away from your essentials.

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Basecamp Odor-Barrier Bags protect against the scents of life: dirty clothing, human waste, garbage, food, and toiletries. Backed by patent-pending Odor-Barrier technology, Basecamp Odor-Barrier bags are safe, effective, biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals and additives that are found in other products. Also, we use FDA-approved plastics, devoid of powders and perfumes making Basecamp Odor-Barrier bags ideal for storing food when camping, hiking or backpacking in the great outdoors. Protect yourself from animals that are attracted by smells and give yourself a break from the odors you want to avoid with Basecamp Odor-Barrier bags.

  • Forms 100% Odor Barrier
  • K9/Bear Tested
  • Heavy-duty/Tear Resistant
  • Re-usable & Biodegradable
  • 2XL bags and 3 Medium bags in each pack