Bikehand Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

Why didn’t I buy a bike stand years ago?!?!? If you own a bike you should own a bicycle repair stand. It makes cleaning and maintaining your bike so much easier and actually enjoyable.

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You need a bike repair stand to take care of swapping tires, lubing a chain, adjusting the derailleurs, or building a new bike. The bike stand must be good looking, heavy duty, light, foldable, portable, adjustable and good value. Bikehand Bike repair stand is one of the best available choices.

Very strong and light construction

The oversized aluminum tubes make the stand very light also strong. The specially treated plastic parts would not be weaker during cold days.

Patented 360-degree rotating clamp

This allows the bike sitting at any angle by clamping on the frame tubes or seat post. And it is very easy to rotate the clamp by turning the handle. It is also very stiff after locking.

Height adjustment

The wide range height adjustment allows you to work in a very comfortable position.

Magnetic tool plate

Magnetic tool plate is also included in this deal. It makes the tools very handy.

Foldable and Portable

It is very easy to fold the legs and head by quick release & lock handle. This features space saving while not in use.