Wolf Tooth Components Pack Pliers

An essential riding tool. The Wolf Tooth Components Pack Pliers hold two sets of spare master links and provides the leverage necessary to break an existing master link should you ever need to remove your chain.

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Broken chains on rowdy rides are sometimes inevitable, but being stranded in the event of a chain issue isn’t. Bring along the Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers – Master Link Combo Pliers, and you’ll be set in the event of a chain break. This handy set of pliers snugly fits two master links to make for easy fixing, and magnets that keep them securely in place, but it doesn’t stop there. The pliers double as a tire lever for flats, valve core remover when you need to toss in some extra sealant, and a valve stem lock nut wrench. Its compatible with SRAM, Shimano, KMC, and other similar master links for chains 9-through-12 speed. Its built from sturdy 7075-T6 aluminum that holds up to rigorous use, but does not come equipped with master links.

  • Handle: 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Pliers: master link pliers
  • Recommended Use: bike maintenance
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year limited