16 weeks post surgery

Update on Keith: 16 Weeks Post Surgery

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Injury, Surgery, RecoveryCheck out my previous post to learn more about Keith’s injury, the surgery and the start of his recovery. Update on Keith’s ACL Surgery Focus on Physical Therapy Weeks 2-5Physical therapy started two weeks post surgery and this became the focus of any free time Keith had at home.  Everyday activities were still a challenge and took up …

Keith's ACL Surgery

Update on Keith – ACL Surgery

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Powder Mountain WeekendKeith and I had been wanting to ski Powder Mountain in Eden, UT for two years, ever since we first heard of the resort.  The ski season was looking great so we planned a weekend away in February.  With over 8,400 acres of accessible terrain, PowMow is the largest ski acreage in the United States!  We. Were. Stoked. …