Bearclaw Poppy Trail System

Bearclaw Poppy: Beginner Mountain Biking in St. George, UT

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Part 1 SummaryThe day started with mountain biking at the Desert Canyons Trail System in St. George, Utah.  Our friend, Randy, was visiting and we all were excited to check out some of the famous Utah trails!  Next up, Bearclaw Poppy Trail System. If you missed last week’s post, check it out here: Desert Canyons Trail System: Beginner Mountain Biking …

Desert Canyon Trails in St. George, Utah

Desert Canyon Trails: Beginner Mountain Biking in St. George, UT

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Plan for the DayOur friend, Randy, had come to visit for the weekend and Keith planned two locations for us to ride.  St. George, Utah is famous for mountain biking and Keith was able to find trails that would be a good fit for all of us.  Our plan was to start out the morning at The Desert Canyon Trail …

Red Reef Hike Moki Steps

Red Reef Hike

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Red ReefHiking the Red Reef Trail at the Red Cliffs Recreation Area is a short hike with a unique payoff. Less than a mile into the hike you are presented with Moki steps. It wasn’t until this trip had I ever even heard of Moki steps. It is a unique feature that I had seen pictures of and was excited …

The Subway at Zion National Park

The Subway – Zion National Park

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The SubwayZion National Park has several iconic hikes and certainly The Subway is one of those!  The Subway hike at Zion National Park is a bit more unique because you must obtain a permit, which makes it harder to access since permits are restricted per day.     The hike is quite strenuous at times so it will take the majority of …

Grand Circle Tours

Excursion with Grand Circle Tours

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ExcursionKeith and I typically plan one or two paid excursions when we travel in an area.  We knew that there would be one thing that we must do while on this trip….  take an off-road vehicle excursion!! Yes, we have a jeep and we did quite a bit of jeeping while in the area, but taking a tour offers us …

Sand Hollow For Wimps 3.0 OHV Drive

Sand Hollow for Wimps 3.0- OHV Drive

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Sand Hollow for Wimps 3.0 Keith and I were excited to visit Sand Hollow State Park and above all, more excited to drive the jeep on the dunes.  However, we don’t have any experience driving on sand therefore when Keith came across this drive named Sand Hollow for Wimps 3.0 it was the perfect combination of getting us out there …

Jeep drive to Toquerville Falls

Jeep Drive to Toquerville Falls

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Toquerville FallsToquerville Falls is much more exciting than I expected it to be! Once again, a unique area of southern Utah that isn’t a national or state park, but equally beautiful just on a much smaller scale. There are not only falls that you can drive across, but a small wading pool and a large swimming hole!  This is a …

Zion - Mount Carmel Highway

Driving the Zion – Mount Carmel Highway

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Zion – Mount Carmel HighwayThe 10 mile stretch of highway from the Zion National Park entrance to Mt. Carmel is the epitome of a Sunday drive.  The winding road is full of unbelievable landscapes, opportunities to view wildlife and the fresh air is energizing.  Originally, the road was intended to cut 70 miles off the drive from Zion National Park …

Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

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Snow Canyon State ParkSnow Canyon State Park is located in southwestern Utah near St. George. This quiet park offers 7,400 acres of beautiful red rock and lava rock scenery. It is the perfect bonus if you are visiting the area and/or Zion National Park. Snow Canyon is known for its geology, diverse plant and wildlife, mild weather and outdoor recreational …