We're moving to Utah! House for Sale

We’re Moving To Utah!

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Deciding to go all in… plans into action!

It quickly became clear that the vacation home plan would not allow us the time we wanted for outdoor activities and travel.  It would also be costly to maintain two households, fly back and forth, etc.

The more we thought about it, the more we wanted from this adventure and decided to go all in!  This was Keith’s plan all along, but now I was on board.   We’re moving to Utah!

This meant a number of things; finding and purchasing a new home, resigning from my job, selling our house in Indiana along with more than half our possessions, packing up what we were keeping, renting a u-haul, and driving across the country. Not to mention leaving our family and friends.

Piece of cake, right?

The to-do lists were off the charts.  We had more decisions to make and things to learn than I ever imagined. It would seem that we had plenty of time to get this all done, but we’re both planners so no detail was overlooked.

Moving date: July 30th, 2016

We knew we’ve leave Indiana at the end of July.  This date really had been decided on when we started exploring this possibility more than a year prior.

This would allow me to finish the school year, have the summer to wrap up the to-do list, spend time with family and friends, and attend an annual family vacation.  It also meant that I would have time to get settled in at the new place before school started in Utah.  I’d be testing and subbing for the local district.

As each holiday and event passed, we knew it was probably the last of that kind for us for a while.  It was a bittersweet year for me.  For example, at Christmas I enjoyed the new tree I had bought the previous year.  I knew it would be something that wouldn’t been moving with us.  I had waited years to buy a tall tree for our two-story living room and now I only got to use it twice.  As holidays, seasons, and time passed we began to pack. Things were beginning to change fast for this move!

We’re Moving to Utah

By Christmas of 2015 most of our family and close friends knew about our plan to move.  They had a lot of questions and some were even confused.  Many thought Keith took a job in Utah and that was why we were moving.

I think people were surprised and didn’t quite understand our goal of traveling.  Maybe we didn’t explain it very well.  Hopefully this blog is helping to explain why moving to Utah was so appealing to us.

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