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Follow along with our Skiing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, and RV Travel adventures. Join in on the action by subscribing to our channel. 🙂 Our story starts with a long road trip from Indiana to Utah. We decided to pack our bags and head west to focus on memories instead of materials. Since moving to Utah, we have started skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking. These activities afford us the opportunity to get outdoors and truly experience the beauty of our new state. We also purchased a motorhome and a Jeep so that we can take extended trips throughout the American Southwest. Sound interesting? Want to see what comes next? Subscribe to our channel so you don't miss a minute of our adventures!


The Vortex Hike // Zion Trip 2019

3 months ago

The Vortex, also known as The Bowl, is another unique formation located outside of Snow Canyon State Park. The entire hike has unique ge...


Cinder Cone Hike // Zion Trip 2019

4 months ago

The Cinder Cone Hike offers another unique experience near St. George, Utah. Hike to the rim of this ancient volcano and down into the ce...

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