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FAQ This is the place to find answers to commonly asked questions about us, our lifestyle, and our website.

We have provided the information below to help you find answers to commonly asked questions about us, our lifestyle, and our website. We will update this page as our community grows and more information is commonly requested.

Get to know Keith

Keith grew up in Indiana but always dreamed of moving out west. He has a fairly diverse educational and professional background including electrical engineering, software engineering, and volunteer firefighting. He currently works a full-time remote job which has enabled him to work both from our home and on the road in our motorhome.

Hi! I'm Keith.
Hi! I'm Keith.

Keith loves to snow ski in the winter and hike/bike in the summer. Skiing has been one of his most passionate hobbies over the course of his entire life. Keith was introduced to skiing back in Indiana and fell in love with it immediately. In fact, skiing was one of the major driving forces behind his wish to move to Utah.

Get to know Lindsey

Lindsey has always loved to travel and has been known to invite herself on other people’s vacations! She enjoys seeing new places, learning new things, and sharing her travels with others.

Hi! I'm Lindsey
Hi! I'm Lindsey

Lindsey was an elementary school teacher for 14 years and has taken a break from teaching to explore her new state of Utah. She is excited to share her adventures with family, friends, and anyone else who might be interested.

Get to know our Pug, Lexi (rest in peace)

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Lexi in December 2021. Lexi struggled with Pug Myelopathy, a disease that caused her to eventually become paralyzed, diabetic, and blind. We cherish the time that we were able to spend with her and know that she is lying on a comfortable couch, waiting to see us again in heaven.

Lexi is our Pug who loves to sleep! Seriously… she sleeps 16 hours a day. During the day, she sleeps on a pillow under Keith’s desk. In the evening, she sleeps on a blanket hammock on the couch. She also sleeps in a king-size bed that isn’t big enough for the three of us. Lexi's second favorite thing to do is eat! She loves to eat fruits and vegetables and can be found wherever there is food. Lexi stays close to Keith and Lindsey at all times and she thinks that she is a person!

Lexi always knew how to pose for the camera
Lexi always knew how to pose for the camera