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Terms & Conditions

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We are committed to providing a great experience for all visitors to our website. These terms and conditions have been created to ensure that we are clear in our general business practices, community membership policies, and financial policies.

🏛️General Business Practices

We operate this website with the intent of providing educational, informative, and entertaining content. Most of the information on this site is based on our personal opinions of the destinations that we have visited and the adventures that we have experienced. We also provide facts where possible.

This website is a for-profit small business/hobby for us. Our goals for this website are outlined below.

  • Personal catalog of our adventures together.
  • Sharing our adventures with family, friends, and anyone else interested.
  • Creating a secondary income stream from memberships and other revenue-generating opportunities.

💬Community Membership Policies

Visitors to our website that choose to join our community (i.e. become members) will be held to the following community membership policies.

  • All members must be humans (e.g. no bots, AI, or other non-human accounts).
  • All members must treat us and all other members with dignity and respect.
  • All member-generated content (e.g. comments, etc.) will be subject to review and potential removal based on our judgment and feedback from other community members.
  • Membership may be terminated by us at any time should we find that you are not behaving in a respectable manner to us and/or other community members.
  • Membership may be terminated by us at any time should we find that you are spreading false information or using our website for other nefarious purposes.

💵Financial Policies

This website is a for-profit small business. All funds collected from visitors to our website will benefit us directly. The current revenue streams and policies for this website are listed below.

  • Community Membership (Paid) - We do not currently offer refunds for any funds paid towards memberships. You can however update/cancel your membership at any time to adjust/prevent future funds withdrawal.
  • Advertisements - We may show advertisements to our visitors. Views and/or clicks on these ads may generate revenue for this site.
  • Affiliate Links - We may provide affiliate links to companies or products that we endorse. Clicking on these links may generate revenue for this site.