Battery Master Disconnect Switch – Jtron 400A

The Battery Master Disconnect Switch from Jtron (400A) allows us to disconnect the main engine battery while our motorhome is in storage thus minimizing drain and extending the life of our batteries.

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Copper Battery Switch Head,17mm Universal Negative Dedicated, Power Protection, Leakproof.

Product Information

  • Copper Battery switch head, play to prevent discharge, protect the battery.
  • Withstand current 400A.
  • Aperture 17mm.
  • Suitable battery terminals: 16 ~ 17mm.

Installation Procedure

  • Step 1: Find the car battery cathode column, confirm the negative head diameter of 16 ~ 17mm in size (the size of a conventional car battery), the need to replace the original car negative negative chuck removed with the battery cable and split open. Check whether the electrode column oxidation with a brush to clean the battery, increasing the conductivity of the electrode column to remove the oxide layer.
  • Step 2: The battery switch set in the negative column, with a wrench and tighten the screws.
  • Step 3: Switch sandwiched between the electrode column, the corresponding nut rugged good, solid grip it can not loose.


  • Loosen the green knob 4-5 turns to disconnect the vehicle battery,
  • Tighten the green knob till hand tight to reconnect the vehicle battery.