Stan’s No-Tubes 35mm Presta Universal Valve Stem

Stan’s No-Tubes 35mm Presta Universal Valve Stems are necessary to complete a tubeless tire conversion. These valves provide a removable core which allows for ease of seating tires and sealant injection.

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35mm Tubeless Presta Valve Stem with removable valve core for easier inflation. Fits Most Tubeless Wheels/Rims.

  • Fits Stan’s NOTUBES ZTR rims &wheels
  • Fits Sun-Ringle wheels featuring NOTUBES BST
  • Fits WTB TCS rims & wheels
  • Fits UST wheels including Crank Brothers, Fulcrum, Mavic, Shimano
  • Fits Bontrager Tubeless Ready rims & wheels with Bontrager’s Tubeless Ready rim strip