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Reflecting on our Month-Long Trip to Panguitch, Utah

  • Written by Lindsey Huster
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This has a “Dear Diary” feel as I sit in bed at 8:00 am with my Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee and a blueberry muffin.

The last full day of the trip

It feels like cruel and unusual punishment to eat it with Lexi waiting for any bit she can find. She gets even more desperate as I near the last bites, I did sneak her a tiny morsel. Even though she gobbles it up so fast there is no way she could taste it.

Lexi begging for a piece of Lindsey's blueberry muffin
Lexi begging for a piece of Lindsey's blueberry muffin

Today I’m taking advantage of a slow morning and our last full day of the trip. I'm taking some notes about the trip and snuggling with Lexi.

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As I sit here and reflect on the trip I want to remember everything that we experienced, everything that we learned, and everything here that we’d still like to do one day (on another trip). I’m thinking about how lucky we are to have the opportunity to travel the way we do and how it has become a part of our lives that might be permanent. It is so exciting to think about! It not only gives me a rush but knowing that I can share these adventures with my family and friends, brings me happiness. When you are truly excited about something, you want to share it.

The Hitch-n-Post Campground water tower at night
The Hitch-n-Post Campground water tower at night

These month-long trips really work for us, here’s why!

One month is long enough to...

  • Meet people
  • See and do the majority in an area
  • Gain perspective into the local things and little things we might otherwise pass on
  • Attend local events
  • Settle into the motorhome
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Traveling this way allows us to...

  • See the world while still having a “permanent” home
  • Have variety- over the past 18 months
  • Long weekend at the local state park - April 2017
  • Longer weekend in Moab with Keith’s parents in motorhome - May 2017
  • Bluff and Panguitch - 1 month each in June and October 2017
  • 3 weeks in Indiana - not in motorhome - July 2017
  • Two ski trips - not in motorhome - January / February 2018
  • Weeklong traveling trip with Lindsey's mom and stepdad (plus they spent time at our house) - not in motorhome - May 2018
  • Moab trip where we met 3 different family/friend groups - not in a motorhome - July 2018

*This allows us to leave the townhouse and motorhome for other travel.*

Living in the townhome allows us to...

  • Work
  • Have visitors stay with us
  • Have a variety of outdoor activities
  • Get to know our community and make friends
  • Have storage for personal items, gear, etc.
  • Leave on trips easily; low maintenance- no grass to mow, etc.

Home to our townhome

Keith, Lexi, and I slept in a little and then started to get things ready for the return home. We decided to take a break and get breakfast at Kenny Ray’s (unfortunately, Kenny Ray's is now permanently closed) before pulling out of the campground. This had been such a great trip and we didn’t want it to end, but we were also ready to get back to our townhouse life. Keith and I sort of feel like we live two lives and enjoy each one equally for different reasons. Fall would be coming to an end soon, Thanksgiving was only a couple weeks away and then we’d be looking forward to ski season. Time moves on and so must we!

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The budget

For those interested, here is the budget for our trip to Panguitch.

The budget spreadsheet for our trip to Panguitch, UT
The budget spreadsheet for our trip to Panguitch, UT

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