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Weekly Newsletter: January 16th-21st, 2024

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Big news this week... we sold our motorhome! 🚐 It's bittersweet to let it go but the time was right to say goodbye.

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Our latest blog post

We sold our motorhome 🚐 💰

We finally did it! We sold our motorhome. We have had our motorhome for sale for quite a while now. We sort of assumed that we would end up keeping it until next summer since the market for used RVs is kind of slow in the winter.

Sold sold sold GIF (Source: Giphy)
Sold sold sold GIF (Source: Giphy)

Fortunately, we got lucky and connected with a family from Alaska that decided to purchase our motorhome. They are going to take it on a cross-country trip from Utah, throughout Canada, and finally return to Alaska. Lindsey and I both wish that we could ride along on this journey. It sounds like such an amazing trip!

It truly is bittersweet to see our motorhome go. We have made so many great memories and experienced so many wonderful places because of it. However, we have other travel plans for the next couple of years so an RV just doesn't fit in our life right now.

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Celebrating the sale of our motorhome 🍨 🦙

We have a tradition of celebrating big life events with either a fancy dinner or a sweet treat. This time, we checked out The Dolly Llama Waffle Master in American Fork, UT. The bubble waffles are so deliciously crisp on the outside and almost gooey on the inside. The decor was all llama-based which made for a fun way to celebrate the sale of our motorhome.

Finally back on the slopes ⛷️ 🙌

It's hard to believe but we haven't skied since Christmas day (December, 25th). That's over three weeks since our skis have last seen snow. 🤯 This hiatus was due to a week-long trip to Las Vegas followed by two weeks of being out sick with a cold. Thankfully, we are both feeling so much better now and we were able to head out to Snowbird over the weekend.

Keith and Lindsey are enjoying some fresh snow at Snowbird Ski Resort
Keith and Lindsey are enjoying some fresh snow at Snowbird Ski Resort

It's always a little scary getting back on the slopes when you haven't skied in a while. The runs look a little steeper, the moguls look a little bigger, and the speed seems a lot faster than you remember. These feelings of fear quickly dissipate though after a few laps.

It snowed several inches throughout the weekend which made for excellent, creamy skiing conditions. Unfortunately, the snow storms also made for poor photo-taking conditions due to the overcast skies.

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Tour Divide training update 🚵‍♂️ 👨‍💻

Keith has been focused on wrapping up some updates to our website tools and development environment. He completed the vast majority of this work throughout the week but that came at the cost of training time. Keith didn't get to ride as much as he would have liked but he was still able to fit in a few indoor training sessions on Zwift.

Keith is riding through a volcano during a Zwift virtual workout

This week, Keith only rode for a total of 52 miles (83.7 kilometers) with just under 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) of climbing. The mileage was low but the elevation gain per mile was quite high. Now that Keith has wrapped up his website work, he can finally get back to focusing on training.

Upcoming posts and videos 👷‍ 👷‍♀️️

We are just about wrapped up with the Two-Week Road Trip Through Oregon with Friends post series. The next post in this series is scheduled to be published tomorrow (Tuesday, January 23rd). Make sure that you are subscribed so that you don't miss out.

Keith is also working on a few posts from our Las Vegas trip during the holidays. We experienced some amazing exhibits and saw some incredible sights while on this trip. We can't wait to share the details of our trip with you.

We hope that you are enjoying our newsletters. What do you think about us selling our motorhome? Do you think it was the right move or a mistake? Are you making any big changes in your life for 2024? Let us know in the comments section below.👇 💬

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