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Weekly Newsletter: March 4th-10th, 2024

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This week, Lindsey baked beer bread and finished her fifth book of the year. We also enjoyed some great skiing with our friends and Keith had a big Tour Divide training week!

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Our latest blog post

Baking beer bread 🍚 🍞

Lindsey baked some delicious beer bread this week. The bread was an accompaniment to a delectable vegetable soup with gnocchi. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the soup before we ate it.

Homemade beer bread, yum! 😋
Homemade beer bread, yum! 😋
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Lindsey finished her fifth book 📖 ðŸ‘Đ

Lindsey was super excited to finish her fifth book so far this year. She read The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.

The Golden Couple

This thriller is about a "golden couple" who seek therapy with an unconventional therapist.

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This thriller is about a "golden couple" who seek therapy with an unconventional therapist. As the three of them work to repair the relationship between the couple, they learn more about each other and their pasts. Lindsey enjoyed this book because of the twists and revelations that come to light between the couple and the suspense of whether there is something more dangerous happening between this trio of characters.

Date night in Provo Canyon 🏔ïļ ðŸ‘Đ‍âĪïļâ€ðŸ‘Ļ

For date night this week, we decided to take a nice stroll through Provo Canyon to view Bridal Veil Falls. It has been a while since Lindsey has been in Provo Canyon and the weather has been perfect for an afternoon walk. So, we drove up to the lower falls parking area and walked up to see the waterfall.

Keith and Lindsey are taking a selfie in front of Bridal Veil Falls in Provo, UT
Keith and Lindsey are taking a selfie in front of Bridal Veil Falls in Provo, UT

After viewing the waterfall, we continued walking for another couple of miles until we finally decided to turn around and head back down the canyon to grab some dinner. All in all, we ended up walking 4 miles!

For dinner, we ate at 5 Star BBQ Company in Orem, UT. This restaurant is only a couple of miles from our house yet we had never eaten there. We weren't sure what to expect since the restaurant looks like an older converted house. We were pleasantly surprised with both the food and the venue. All of the meats and sides were delicious and plentiful. The brisket was definitely top notch! The cornbread with honey butter was a little slice of heaven. The restaurant also offered live entertainment from a local musician as we dined. This was the perfect way to wrap up our date night out.

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A much needed weekend of skiing ⛷ïļ 🏔ïļ

After not getting to ski last weekend, we were both super excited to get back out onto the slopes. We spent nearly all day Saturday enjoying some warm and sunny Spring-like skiing at Snowbird with several of our friends. The conditions started out a little icy but continuously improved throughout the day as the temperatures increased which made it hard to want to leave.

On Sunday, we caught up with our friend Kelly at Snowbird and skied together throughout the morning and early afternoon. Keith and Kelly hiked up the steep bootpack in the Gad 2 Touring area. Keith said that the hike was very difficult but worth the effort even though the skiing back down wasn't that great. We were also treated with a free lunch courtesy of Snowbird. We were preparing to head back up the Gadzoom lift when an employee handed us coupons for a free taco lunch at the Gadzooks lunch trailer. We couldn't turn down a free meal so we all took a break and enjoyed some tacos.

Tour Divide training update ðŸ’Ļ 😅

Follow Keith on Strava to keep up to date with all of his Tour Divide training rides.

Keith had a packed training week this week. He started the week off with some light weightlifting on Monday. On Tuesday, he completed a nearly 26 mile (41.8 kilometers) Zwift course with nearly 1,900 feet (580 meters) of climbing.

Keith is riding in a virtual rainstorm in Zwift

Thursday evening consisted of a long outdoor training ride to Lehi, UT and back. Keith was excited to test out our new Insta360 X3 360° camera mounted to his bike. You can get some pretty funny shots with a 360° camera! 😂 This ride turned out to be quite brutal due to sustained 20 mph (32 kph) winds with even stronger gusts. Keith managed to complete his planned route at nearly 53 miles (85 kilometers) with nearly 1,700 feet (518 meters) of climbing.

Keith also rode on Saturday and Sunday evening after skiing most of the day at Snowbird! ðŸĪŠ On Saturday, Keith completed a 19 mile (30.5 kilometer) indoor Zwift training ride with over 2,200 feet (670 meters) of climbing. Then on Sunday, after skiing and hiking to the top of the Gad 2 Touring route, Keith rode for nearly 40 miles (64 kilometers) and climbed nearly 900 feet (274 meters). Needless to say, it was a big training week!!!

Unfortunately, Keith started to experience a small amount of knee pain in his left knee while riding this weekend. He believes this is a result of a busy training week and also poor pedaling form. Keith has been adjusting his foot position on the pedals to take some pressure off of his hamstrings since they have been getting sore recently. This approach helped the hamstrings to recover but it also put more stress on the front of his knees. This is believed to be the root cause of the knee pain. Hopefully a few rest days off the bike will let everything heal.

In total Keith covered 137 miles (220 kilometers) and climbed nearly 6,700 feet (2,042 meters) on his bike. He also hiked/walked ~5 miles (8 kilometers) and completed some light weightlifting.

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Upcoming posts and videos 👷‍ 👷‍♀ïļïļ

Keith will be wrapping up a couple of Las Vegas posts this week as he gives his knee some time to recover. Lindsey is wrapping up a look back at some of our prior adventures with our friend Yi when he visited last year. We hope to have those posts and videos ready soon.

We hope that you are enjoying our newsletters. What are some of your favorite date night activities? Do you have any tips or tricks for using a 360° camera? Let us know in the comments section below.👇 💎

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